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Self Publisher Book list:

Ego In Conversation With Higher Self - series
Are You Willing to Die?
Book series 2017 till present

I Lost My Mind And I Liked It
A 30-day journal of a day job seeker
Planned publishing year: 2018

The Beginners Guide To The Blue Whale
How to Unoccupie Ones Journal Eye
Planned publishing year: 2018

The Two Eyed Kobrasnake
Planned Publishing year: 2019

You Are Born Twice
The Sacred Wisard 's Handnote
Planned Publishing year: 2020



My full name: Elin Fiona Frankincense
Age: 27 years old
City: Skien
Country: Norway
My Position: Self Publisher (author)

Modeling Carrier:
Eye color: Serendibite Stone Blue Eyes
Hair color: Ash Brown
Lenght of hair: N°8
Hight: 168 cm
5.5 Feet Tall
Body: Slim To Normal
My Secret Eclipse: Elin Larsson


Favorite aughtor: Stephenie Meyer
Best Movie: The Host 3013 Thriller/Action
Favorite Actor: Isabella Marie

My Norwegian Website:
Music Video: Click here
Introduction Video: Click here
Updated: july. 9 2017

Workaholic Overview

They say Elin Fiona Frankincense is two years in her head. This illuminated little creative girl is in the wish of guiding you to a higher self awareness. This she does by unlucking the shadow effect in your masculine and feminine undiscovered empowerment through her written Journals. Elin is also a known youtuber by the name VanillaFrog.

Is vanilla black or white. Eeehhh. You see. Vanilla powder is dark black while vanilla ice cream is egg-white. Black vanilla powder which is a line through knowing your shallow family tree's shadow effect and egg-white ice cream for connecting yourself to your own diamond supreme private treehouse through your little voice within.

Elin Fiona Frankincense empowers you to Embody your true family tree's voice and to get the recognition you deserve from your own true wisard from the depth of your own knowing. Elin Fiona Frankincense is a listener a writer and a self publisher from scandinavia.

Self Employee Org nr.: 811 584 142 | Elin Larsson - February 2013 till Present

In february. 2013 Elin Larsson, now Elin Fiona Frankincense signed up for the brönnöysund register to manage her own brand. This she did february. 2013 as she lived in a small tiny bedroom at the first floor in Alexander Kiellands plass 7 in Skien Norway. She signed up to the brönnöysund register in 2013 to manage her own self publishing company.

Elin Fiona Frankincense managed her very own business theme as she was going to self publish her very first book on in their self development department. This was a book with the underline title "ego in coneversation with higher self". This was a book Elin Fiona Frankincense wrote the summer of 2013 as she was also a student of the Trinfinity Academy of the self awareness industry that Benthino Massaro is hosting in Canada.

Health Store Shop | Sunkost AS - June 2011 till December 2012

Elin Fiona Frankincense worked at a health store shop in grenland Skien Norway from may. 16 2011 till December 31. 2012 as an permanent employee. At the same time as her manager Gro Haugen was at an vecation in the summer of 2012 Elin Fiona Frankincense took over as an executive for two weeks where she was responsible for product orders and receipt management.

Elin Fiona Frankincense worked evenings as her manager Gro Haugen worked daytime. Her manager Gro Haugen was writing about Elin Larsson, that Said me, in a signed file as you can read here: [Gro Haugen: "Elin Fiona Frankincense is engaged at her duty. She's honest, dutifully committed to everything she does and always positive. She is well liked by costumers and co-workers. She has also served as our shop manager for two weeks as I her manager Gro Haugen was on a two week vecation. I have only positive things to say about Elin Fiona Frankincense's working skills".]

EVENTYRFABRIKKEN AS | The BUS Fairytale Factory Playground House for Children | June 2008 till August 2010

Elin Fiona Frankincense worked at eventyrfabrikken AS in Skien City Norway from june. 2008 till august. 2010. She wore a black working shirt with a blue-dressed elephant printed on it. An Elephant with a red hat. She worked in the entré welcoming costumers. It costed 150 norwegian kroners for the entré. The parents could come into the fairytale factory playground house for FREE together with their children everyday.

Elin Fiona Frankincense was a kitchen chef at the fairytale factory playground house for children at eventyrfabrikken AS where she cooked food for the visitors. Elin was a birthday host at their five different fairytale birthday room "themes" where she sang birthday songs together with the children. Elin liked being a HOST wearing a green frog costume that she liked suiting. As Elin Fiona Frankincense was walking around at the fairytale factory playground house for children in her frog costume the children ran around her as her smiling face was hidden behind the frog's green headed face.

Safety Representative Of The Fairytale Factory Playground House Eventyrfabrikken AS November 2008 till August 2010

In november. 15 2008 Elin Fiona Frankincense was asked by her manager Anne at Eventyrfabrikken AS to upgrade. Anne asked Elin if she wanted to become the safety representative of the fairytale factory playground house for children at Eventyrfabrikken AS in skien city Norway. Yes. of course she accepted this offering. Elin's manager Anne offered her a FREE course at AOF Skien Norway where she was studying every paragraph Law in the little red norwegian enviromental working paragraph book. Norwegian tittle: Lov om arbeidsmiljø, arbeidstid, og stillingsvern MV. (arbeidsmiljøloven) 8. edition. [Lovteksten er à jour pr. 1. januar 2016].

Bjørn Stulen and Bjørn Shogen was the working paragraph Law class 's consultants. Svenn Frik Bolle was signing the card certificate which was printed in Oslo. They were a small team here in skien Norway at november. 21 2008 till desember. 8 2008. This was a group were Elin were taught pharagraph rules from the norwegian book. Elin Larsson was taught paragraph rules throughout the whole book by the classes two managers Bjørn Stulen and Bjørn Shogen. The course lasted in forty hours. Elin Fiona Frankincense attended all forty hours and did not miss any class. Ref. nr.: 205540 (N)

Newspaper - The Worlds Sidewalk Newspaper SKIEN Norway | Media House VG (Verdens Gang) August 2006 till October 2007

In august. 2006 to october. 2007 Elin Fiona Frankincense started working as a newspaper salesperson at Åfossmoen Skien. She went from door to door each sunday in august. 2006 till october. 2007. From door to door she went each sunday morning starting at 08:00 am to about 11:30 am to sell newspapers from media house newspaper VG (Verdens Gang). Elin Fiona Frankincense were at the moment living at her father Kent-Olof Harald Larsson's house in Åfossmoen 7 together with his wife June Halvorsen.

High School Degree, Stabekk | Holtekilen 2010 till 2011

Elin Fiona Frankincense was a film producer at her high school degree class at Holtekilen Folk School in stabekk Oslo Norway from august. 2010 till june. 2011. Right after Elin Fiona Frankincense attended the Holtekilen Folk School she was in New York city with her camera team in the making of a brand new music video which was a study task in her movie & film educational class. Elin Fiona Frankincense was the film producer.

High School Degree, Skien City | Brekkeby Grenland 2009 till 2010

Elin Fiona Frankincense attended a one year general study authority school in 2009 till 2010. This she did to fulfill her educational grade papers to get into college with her completed high school degree supply. This education made her capable of having her very own self employee publishing oportunity at as she managed in year 2013. At Elin's school desk she loved writing novels, nonfiction stories and fairytales as she was dreaming about sharing her writings with others.

High School degree, Grenland Authority Building TIP Line | TIP Laboratory High Level Class 2007 till 2008

In august. 2007 Elin Fiona Frankincense attended a one year high school degree supply at porsgrunn vgs at their brand new TIP building bult in between 2005 and 2007. She attended the laboratory class with only five top grade students in 2007 till 2008.

Elin Fiona Frankincense finished her school year at porsgrunn vgs in june. 2008 with a black graduation suit called russebukse (that said russpants). This was a pantie which Elin Fiona Frankincense wore in one month together with all the others which is a tradition her in Norway. If you wash your russpants in the washing mashine this month (my month was may. 2008) anyone can come up to you with a red or blue scissor and cut it off. I passed the test. By the way. I was black. I like the color of The Police suits in SKIEN city!

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