Monday, 27 July 2015

Why do Elin meditate?

No matter how we shape our words everyone will always visualize different landscapes in their mind about one specific sentence (person/ event/ circumstance/ book). It may therefore be really beneficial for us to be reminded over and over and over again that whenever we think we're on the same page as another, we may actually be living in two totally ♡different♡ books of conceptions and viewpoints passed on through our lifelong lived memory box. Well, this is why we meditate...

It's no wonder why it seems we're all waiting on each other to let go of our personal stories, when in fact all we want is just for someone else to let go of their own so that they can stay fully present with the stories in our own head. It may sound a bit ironic and make us a little shameful when we think about it, but when we look around, both in ourselves and in others, this is actually exactly what's going on.

When we meditate we learn to listen without the illusion of stories to hide behind. We become a naked consciousness. We start to listen with patience. We do this not because we seek to be present, but because we do no longer have a bunch of stories of our own in our front brain which is eager to reflect back at that other. This is where we reach peace of mind. Not because we seek peace, but because the stories we're telling ourselves are starting to become really silent.

Every story has its purpose, its time to be felt, fully talked about, digested and healed. But it's not meant to rule our life, judge our mind or constantly keep us away from the present moment. Yes It's there for a reason (maybe as a call for action), but we're also here in the Now for a bigger and more greater reason than what can ever be shaped in thought-matter through our personal storytellers.

And again... "No matter how we shape our words everyone will always visualize different landscapes in their mind about one specific sentence". We may always keep that in mind whatever we read or listen to, including this letter! That's because whatever "I" see through these sentences may not under any circumstances be in your eyes to reach, no matter how much I try to bend my words in the same direction.

This is also probably the reason why so many spiritual teachers repeat their teachings over and over and over again, so that one day we'll just give up and let all of the heavy stories die in the mites of our childlike wonder of simplicity while we suddenly get it! Suddenly the repeating sentence "Now is all there is" is finally starting to sink in...

Written by Elin Fiona Frankincense

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