Thursday, 21 September 2017

Which one are you?

Personality: IgE92
Can you believe it? After all these years she stood there gasing into her own Self. She were running maraton with her own cancer. The cancer of what? The cancer of her thoughts. It went from earth to Bluewitch and back to its original master, the master of its land. The mind of the Godess.

IgE64 said to him: "Fuck this bullshit!!!!!!"

Personality: IgE93
She was afraid of the truth, but so were they. "Why was she so blind?" was the repeating question from their concious fully aware minds. Why can't they just ask her if she needs any help instead of going from master to master for the answer to her spell?

Ige64 said to him: " Fuck! I can't fucking believe it!!!"

Personality: IgE64
Fuck this bullshit! Show her some fucking love and stop messing around with her point of view. God bless you all!

Personality: Human
{{Now you're supposed to laughe}}

IgE 92, 93 and 64 said to him:
"What the Fuck is wrong with you!!!"

This blogpost is illegally published...

but anyhow, let's see this...

Which one am I?